Saturday, October 4, 2014

What Is Meaningful Success

Consider this old story: three people found smashing rocks with a sledge hammer. When asked what they did, the first person says, "Breaking big rocks into little rocks." The second man said, "Feeding my family." The third man said, "Building a cathedral." A third person, who see every hammer blow as a contribution to the construction of cathedrals and holy aspiration is to do meaningful work. Hobart breaking news his ultimate success will be meaningful from his individual efforts; and, for the greater community for their prayers and dreams. Accomplishment, victory, accomplishment, and achievement of all the terms that we often associate with success. This is the hallmark today that we connect successful with monetary gain. As many of us have discovered, financial wealth does not guarantee happiness or bring satisfactory meaning of life. Fiscal wealth can create different opportunities for you and make 'creature comfort' life easier to get. However, money itself is not the primary measure of success that means.

Means success is structure different values ​​for each one of us. Whatever you define success means being able to work to the advantage derived from, volunteerism, physical or manual labor, even playing. Each of us must decide for themselves what is fundamentally important that we need from these efforts include, the pleasure of self-expression, emotional fulfillment, psychological satisfaction; and, spiritual joy. There is no set rule book on how you find meaningful work and finally success. It can be as simple as changing jobs or looking for prospects in the newspaper where you can apply the skills and talents to fulfill your passion. You can not directly see the realization of your efforts in your life, but you left a legacy will long be remembered by those who served with you. As many will tell you, 'your heart is in the right place.

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