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Fun Bachelor Party Ideas

Think, "bachelor party" and images of drinking and wild women come to mind. While many men still enjoy a night of hopping from club to club, there are those who want something different. Here are three bachelor party ideas that offer lots of fun and adventure.
Find out what the groom has always wanted to do. There is usually something that he has only dreamed of doing and this may be his last chance to do it with his buddies. If for example, he is a racecar fan, there are places you can go to take a quick driving course and then actually get out on the racetrack in a racecar.
Plan a trip with the groom and a few of his best friends to go fishing or hunting or just camping. Being out-of-doors in a natural setting can give men time to bond and to share thoughts and goals that they rarely get time or occasion to do together. Plan for a weekend close to the wedding date. Make sure everyone has arranged ahead for time off from work and then surprise the groom - like an ambush. Take away everyone's cell phone and hand held electronic games for the duration of the trip. Make the meals simple and throw in a few beers if that fits the crowd you are going with. Take a video camera to capture the special moments. Plan a couple of starter activities like fishing, boating or hunting in season.
Find an organization that builds homes or fixes up public parks that are in real need of a sprucing up. The groom's church may already sponsor a project or know of one. If not, there are usually a number of these organizations in larger communities. You may even consider going out of state for a week to a disaster area or across the border to a squatter settlement.
The key element is that the groom and his friends get away and do some physical work for a really good cause. Document the bachelor party in some way. Disposable cameras are great for this as anyone can use them and then give copies to each man who participates. This is certainly a lot cooler than everyone getting so drunk no one can remember what the did the night before.

Bachelor Party Ideas

While there are still would be grooms, who opt to spend the last hours before their wedding partying with alcohol and female exotic dancers, many men are choosing a less traditional route such as camping trips, sporting events, daredevil activities and even co-ed bachelor parties that include the soon to be bride and her friends. These types of activities are much less likely to get the groom in trouble with his bride not to mention that they won't leave the groom feeling too sick to even remember his wedding day.
Camping is one alternative to the traditional bachelor party. You may choose to either rough it by backpacking to a location with only the gear on your back to help you survive the elements for a few days or you could choose to drive to a spa facility that offers well appointed cabins and five star gourmet meals. Whichever option you choose, you are bound to have a great deal of time relaxing and enjoying the company of the rest of the participants in your bachelor party. A camping trip offers the groom a quiet atmosphere to reflect with his friends on the journey he is about to take.
Sporting events are another great alternative to the usual bachelor party ideas. You may find that married life does not offer you as much free time to spend with your friends as you used to have so take this chance to enjoy a little bit of fun with your friends. Whether you choose to partake in a sport of your choice or purchase tickets to see your favorite professional athletes it is sure to be a great opportunity to bond with your male friends in the last few days before your wedding. It is wise to try choosing a sport that all of your guests will be able to participate in especially if you plan to include very young or very old guests. In this situation playing a game of football may not be the best idea but taking everyone to play a round of golf might be an activity that all of the guest can enjoy.
Still another activity that translates well into a bachelor party idea is getting a group of friends together to try an adrenaline pumping, activity geared for thrill seekers such as sky diving or white water rafting. The exhilaration gained from these activities coupled with the fear factor makes them a perfect activity for bonding with your friends. These daredevil activities will cause you and your friends to bond during the excitement leading up to the event as well as the thrill of accomplishing a new activity. While these types of activities are great for male bonding, it is important to remember that they are risky activities and there is the danger that you might be hurt during these activities. If this is your bachelor party idea of choice you might want to consider holding your bachelor party well in advance of your wedding to avoid last minute injuries that delay the wedding.
Co-ed bachelor parties that coincide with the bachelorette party are becoming increasingly popular as well. One common practice involving these adjunct parties is to have the bachelors and bachelorettes meet at separate restaurants for dinner and then join each other at a nightclub to cap off the night with some dancing and a few drinks. These types of parties can be a great deal of fun because they allow both the bride and the groom some time apart to spend time with their friends and then they reunite the couple at the end of the night in a chance for them to spend time with all of their friends without the pomp and circumstance that is likely to accompany their wedding reception.

Two Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Getting married is one of the biggest dreams a girl could have in her life. With that, you can expect the bride to be very busy in doing a lot of things, especially with all the wedding preparations she has to attend to. If you are one of the bride's best pals, then you should organize a memorable bachelorette party for her, to help her relax just before the big day would arrive.
There are a lot of ideas you can come up with for a fun bachelorette party. One of which is to plan a lingerie party for the bride. Such kind of party would require you to enlist a company, to provide you with consultants who will take care of all the things that are needed for the party. These consultants will go to the venue you set up for your bachelorette party. It can be your home, or another place, where there is ample space. If you are going to rent a particular venue, then make sure to book it for the whole night, since such a party can really go to great lengths.
What the consultants would do is to bring different lines of lingerie for the guests to try on. The guests who will wear it should model them in front of all the people included in the party. With this, you need to make sure that your friends and guests would be game enough to wear lingerie in front of all the other guests. It should not take you a lot of convincing since all the people in the party would all be females. Now, the party just does not stop in modeling these items in front of the crowd. The purpose of modeling them is to convince some of the folks to purchase some of the items displayed. This would be a good chance for the guests to purchase something sexy for the bride, which she can probably wear on her honeymoon, or the few nights after the wedding day.
Keep in mind that if you push through with such a theme party, you should ask the consultants some questions to make sure that every thing would go smooth. One of the things you should not forget in asking them is the length of time that would take for the items to be delivered to the bride to be. You do not want your gift to arrive at the bride's doorstep after the wedding day, since it would be stale. Aside from that, you should also consider the kind of consultants you enlist. You should also check out their products, since nobody would want to buy a gift that is substandard in quality.
If you want to spice up the bachelorette party more, you can always mix the lingerie party with an adult novelty party theme. You can actually choose between them or combine them as one. With an adult novelty party, the guests would be looking at catalogues for sex toys. They can also make a purchase of such items and provide them as gifts to the bride. This would work if the bride is someone who is open minded and has a good grasp on her sexuality.

Bachelor Party Ideas For a Heck of a Night

A bachelor party, also known as a stag party, a stag night, bulls' party, bucks party, or bucks night is a party held for a man, who shortly is going to quit bachelorhood and commence conjugal life. The party is to give him the last opportunity to engage in activities a new wife might not approve of.
A bachelor party involves activities like drinking alcohol, dancing, gambling, and playing pranks on the future groom and hiring female strippers or escorts. The fun lies in not letting the groom have any idea of what is in store for him.
The best man or the brother of the groom-to-be, or any one of his male friends organizes the bachelor party.
Some bachelor party ideas to make a night for the groom-to-be a never-to-forget experience are given below:
Strippers and Strip Clubs: Invite strippers and escorts. However, it can be some times hazardous as the groom-to-be, in spite of his best efforts, may have sex with one or more of the strippers and then repent for having broken the bride-to-be's trust in him. It should be remembered that the original purpose of a bachelor's party was to permit the groom-to-be have a last night of debauchery. A better strippers' idea would be to go to a strip club where it would be difficult for indulging in a sexual act.
Another bachelor party idea is to organize a tournament of basketball, baseball, golf or any other game all can play. Book a suitable court or venue for the purpose and provide T-shirts of different colors for the competing teams. The tournament will be a good male-bonding activity. Also it will build up a good appetite for drinks and food to follow.
Drag Races: The groom and his other bachelor friends can get into cars and race along the speedways. Alternatively, they can even ride bicycles and race one another on dirt roads. In either case have fun by stopping at several pubs and quenching thirsts.
Outdoor activities: Depending on the availability of infrastructure and facilities, any one of these bachelor party ideas could be chosen: fishing; trekking and mountain climbing; boating and rafting; skydiving and bungee jumping; skiing and snowboarding.
Co-ed activities: For bachelor party of this kind, the bride-to-be and her friends are invited to the bachelor party. Such a party commences with dancing and after feasting usually ends in promiscuity.

Bachelor Party Ideas - Give Your Buddy an Unforgettable Last Night With the Boys

Are you the best man, best buddy, or childhood friend of the groom? Whatever the case, make sure he leaves bachelordom with a bang by planning him a killer bachelor party! Even if you don't want naked women to be involved in the party (although that is the aim for most guys), you can still plan a fun, memorable event. Here are some tips about how to plan and what kind of supplies you can use to throw a party that your buddy will never forget.
Party Planning Tips
Make sure to schedule and plan the bachelor party well before the big day. Usually it's a good idea to schedule the party around one month prior to the wedding date. The bride and the families involved in the wedding won't be too happy to find the groom hung over on the big day or fighting with the bride because she is suspicious about the prior evening's events.
Good bachelor party planning will ensure that you have a smooth running party. Parties planned at the last minute tend to fall apart so make sure to prepare everything from the transportation to the food well beforehand. Have everyone besides the groom chip in to cover all costs before the party date so you aren't stuck footing the bill. You'll want to start off the night with a meal to stay energized and to offset the effects of all of the alcohol you'll likely be consuming.
Time-Tested Party Ideas
The quintessential party idea is hiring a stripper or going to a strip club. Although private, in-room entertainment is nice, it can be expensive so you may want to head to a strip club if you are on a budget. Another big perk of going to a public strip club is that the bride will be less worried about the groom breaking her trust. Not all the guys (or their girlfriends/wives) you invite are going to be enthusiastic about the presence of naked women at the party. Make sure to plan other fun activities so they still get a chance to participate in the festivities. Some other fun activities include going out for a "last supper" and playing poker.
Some fun bachelor party supplies that you'll want to consider are memorabilia such as a shot glass that says, "My last night out." The groom can wear this shot glass around his neck and he's bound to get plenty of free alcohol! Mardi gras beads are also great party supplies if you want to get people of the opposite sex to strip down without even having to hire a stripper. If you want to avoid angering the bride-to-be, don't hire a stripper and buy a plastic blow-up doll instead for innocent yet naughty fun. You can handcuff the groom to a Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton blow-up doll at the party to score some laughs.
Other fun supplies you might want to get are games. Games like pin the boobies on the babe and playing cards picturing naked women are perfect for bachelors. Sports games are a surefire way to have a great male bonding experience. The party attendees can play sports like soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball in the afternoon to get riled up for the big party. After the big game, you can go get washed up and reunite to head out for the night's fun activities.