Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun Bachelor Party Ideas

Think, "bachelor party" and images of drinking and wild women come to mind. While many men still enjoy a night of hopping from club to club, there are those who want something different. Here are three bachelor party ideas that offer lots of fun and adventure.
Find out what the groom has always wanted to do. There is usually something that he has only dreamed of doing and this may be his last chance to do it with his buddies. If for example, he is a racecar fan, there are places you can go to take a quick driving course and then actually get out on the racetrack in a racecar.
Plan a trip with the groom and a few of his best friends to go fishing or hunting or just camping. Being out-of-doors in a natural setting can give men time to bond and to share thoughts and goals that they rarely get time or occasion to do together. Plan for a weekend close to the wedding date. Make sure everyone has arranged ahead for time off from work and then surprise the groom - like an ambush. Take away everyone's cell phone and hand held electronic games for the duration of the trip. Make the meals simple and throw in a few beers if that fits the crowd you are going with. Take a video camera to capture the special moments. Plan a couple of starter activities like fishing, boating or hunting in season.
Find an organization that builds homes or fixes up public parks that are in real need of a sprucing up. The groom's church may already sponsor a project or know of one. If not, there are usually a number of these organizations in larger communities. You may even consider going out of state for a week to a disaster area or across the border to a squatter settlement.
The key element is that the groom and his friends get away and do some physical work for a really good cause. Document the bachelor party in some way. Disposable cameras are great for this as anyone can use them and then give copies to each man who participates. This is certainly a lot cooler than everyone getting so drunk no one can remember what the did the night before.

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