Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Getting married is one of the biggest dreams a girl could have in her life. With that, you can expect the bride to be very busy in doing a lot of things, especially with all the wedding preparations she has to attend to. If you are one of the bride's best pals, then you should organize a memorable bachelorette party for her, to help her relax just before the big day would arrive.
There are a lot of ideas you can come up with for a fun bachelorette party. One of which is to plan a lingerie party for the bride. Such kind of party would require you to enlist a company, to provide you with consultants who will take care of all the things that are needed for the party. These consultants will go to the venue you set up for your bachelorette party. It can be your home, or another place, where there is ample space. If you are going to rent a particular venue, then make sure to book it for the whole night, since such a party can really go to great lengths.
What the consultants would do is to bring different lines of lingerie for the guests to try on. The guests who will wear it should model them in front of all the people included in the party. With this, you need to make sure that your friends and guests would be game enough to wear lingerie in front of all the other guests. It should not take you a lot of convincing since all the people in the party would all be females. Now, the party just does not stop in modeling these items in front of the crowd. The purpose of modeling them is to convince some of the folks to purchase some of the items displayed. This would be a good chance for the guests to purchase something sexy for the bride, which she can probably wear on her honeymoon, or the few nights after the wedding day.
Keep in mind that if you push through with such a theme party, you should ask the consultants some questions to make sure that every thing would go smooth. One of the things you should not forget in asking them is the length of time that would take for the items to be delivered to the bride to be. You do not want your gift to arrive at the bride's doorstep after the wedding day, since it would be stale. Aside from that, you should also consider the kind of consultants you enlist. You should also check out their products, since nobody would want to buy a gift that is substandard in quality.
If you want to spice up the bachelorette party more, you can always mix the lingerie party with an adult novelty party theme. You can actually choose between them or combine them as one. With an adult novelty party, the guests would be looking at catalogues for sex toys. They can also make a purchase of such items and provide them as gifts to the bride. This would work if the bride is someone who is open minded and has a good grasp on her sexuality.

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