Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Truth About Finding The Magic Of Living Your Dream

Driving through the wooded back roads in rural Florida to the destination of a prospective client was a blessing for me as my soul was soothed while listening to the orchestra of Mother Nature. The gentleman had called twice asking for an appointment. He wanted to buy final expense insurance.
I drove round the next bend in the road and there it was, a cute little cottage with a wraparound front porch and two rocking chairs. Almost reminded me of my Grandma's home. As I was getting out of the car, I heard the screech of the screen door open. The gentleman and his wife came out to greet me.
This was a nice peaceful place to be at that moment, until the gentleman made the comment that life had been nothing but hopeless for the last forty years. As his wife dropped her head I saw the tears streaming down her face.
I listened intently as he shared his story with me. Years ago he had worked with a man named Ray Kroc. Mr. Kroc approached this gentleman after work one day and asked him to invest ten thousand dollars in a new business venture. It so happened that the gentleman and his wife had saved exactly ten thousand dollars. Excited about this new venture the gentleman hurried home to share the good news with his wife. Her reaction was not what he had expected. His wife reacted beyond anger according to his story. She absolutely would not let her husband take their savings and squander the money on some crazy nonsense.
Ray Kroc found investors and we know the story. The gentleman sitting in the rocking chair in front of me that day had worked at the same place the majority of his life. Now he and his wife were living on Social Security with no investments. He looked into my eyes as his tears welled, he said the day that he told Ray Kroc he couldn't invest was the day he lost hope for any success in life. Instead of following his gut feeling, he allowed the anger from his wife to steal his dream.
Phantoms instill in us fear, guilt, shame, and hopelessness. We allow them to take a very personal, private part of who we are. We were given the gift of choice to create a life of fulfillment. Unfortunately we cave to the negative and dark energy of Phantoms. The consequence is loss of our hopes and dreams.
There is a light at the dark end of the hopeless tunnel wherein we're trapped. We can look directly into the light of Gratefulness and take back our hope and our dream. It only takes thirty days to form a new habit. Each morning when we wake we thank God for our blessings and the blessings that await us that day. Each night before sleeping we thank God for our blessings and our blessings to come. Within thirty days we will see a significant change in our lives. Gratefulness works. Go on give it a try.

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