Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Is Your Family IQ?

My name is Scott Reed, I'm 46 yrs old, I'm married, and have four wonderful teenagers. Wow! What a job! I have always felt like I was a "family man" and still consider myself to be one. But you know, as hard as I have tried the past twenty years to be what I thought I should be as a husband, provider, father, and mentor to four brilliant young kids I somewhat sit back now in DEEP contemplation of the many ways and times I tried to communicate my values, ambitions, aspirations and goals to eight little onlooking eyes (ten with my wife's) from cradle to young adulthood realizing that somehow, somewhere, in the space of time I've missed something along the way. But what? Why do I feel this way? Can I pinpoint what it is or has life been so hurried, so rushed, and so confusing that all that is left is blurred visions, voices and ambiguity to be companions of solace and comfort for the rest of my days here on earth?
I see somewhat clearly though through all the clutter that yes, I have been in schooling. Yes, I've been through and still am going through the school of parenting and as I have four young adults now beginning to see things through their own eyes beginning to make decisions through their own assessments, and testing the "waters" of this voyage that our little "family ship" has been on for a number of years now, we all realize that truly we are now reaping results of what we have trained and been trained for in this thing called life. We are taking a test. We are being tested. And we still are so as to say still sitting at that desk trying to find out how well we have learned, how well we have been taught, and what those results will bring us. We are about to find out what our IQ is! We are about to find out how well we have scored in this game of life.
And maybe even right now we can sense a little of what the outcome is going to be by some of the questions we have had to answer already! Can You? What are you thinking by now? Can you say, "I've scored well here. I've scored well there. But maybe not so well over here?" I think if all of us were honest we could say we've done good and maybe not so good as we think over the many areas that human relationships have to do with in touching, influencing, and affecting every human being born on this earth in one way or another.
By now you may be asking the question for yourself that I gave you above, "What is my family IQ?". In other words, "What is the Intelligence Quotient for MY family?". Are you scoring as well as you might think on your test in family relationships? Are you as smart as you might think you are? Are you right on target?

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